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Medical Guide 2019 Spring
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Wayne Memorial’s New Tower - A Progress Report
If you drive by the new 85,000 square foot patient tower going up on the Wayne Memorial Hospital campus in Honesdale, you can see the “blue skin” being covered up by brick. The blue material is essentially an air-tight, water-tight, weather-tight membrane to protect the structure from environmental variations. Inside the building, 50 private patient rooms on the third and fourth floors are progressing nicely: dry wall is up in most of the rooms, head and foot boards are in place for beds and the infrastructure is being installed for state-of-the-art technology. The traditional “whiteboards” in the patient rooms will now be digital, offering for example pictorial displays of clinicians who enter the room. The provider identification badges will be coordinated with the white boards, so patients will know who is coming in to visit them. The visits will be recorded for patient charts.

Patient rooms will flank a central corridor occupied by charting stations and support rooms (storage, meds, janitor room, soiled items, etc). Each floor will also have a nutrition center (snacks, etc.), a multipurpose room, a family waiting area and a staff lounge complete with lockers. Facility Services Director John Conte adds that both floors will offer rooms equipped with dialysis access and accommodations for bariatric patients.

The tower also includes a new eight-bed unit on the second floor for Same Day Surgery Recovery and, on the main floor, private Patient Registration cubicles in the lobby. The lobby is about two-thirds larger than the outpatient lobby it replaced, and it will become the new main entryway to the hospital.

The fifth floor of the new tower is basically a “shell space” for future use, while the penthouse above it houses

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